Day & Coles Case Study

We offer refurbishment and repair services that can encompass the complete fabric of any industrial building whether attention is needed upon the rooflights, roof sheeting, cladding, closure flashings or rainwater products.

The rainwater products at Day & Coles were begining to deteriorate, the plastisol coating usually guaranteed for 25 years was beginning to peel and flake which not only looked unsightly but was also sure to lead to corrosion quickly causing leaks which could lead to further damage to brickwork beneath.


Even though it may have been possible to remove the existing coatings from the guttering replacing them with new either by brush or by air sprayer this approach was deemed less than cost effective so it was decided to


replace the guttering with new offering a 25 year lease of life whilst also replacing downpipes. With refurb and repair works we’ve found that the best solution is often the one which makes the client happiest overall.