Lakelands Hospice Case Study

As the need for energy conservation grows more companies are enquiring about the possibility of installing PV panels upon their southward facing roofs.
Whilst other forms of tapping into natural energy sources such as wind power turbines require large expanses of land, PV panel installations can be installed with little or no visual impact upon the environment as well as providing a silent form of energy production.
With many industrial roofs covering an area of 1000m2 or more it is easy to see why this type of installation is becoming more popular not to mention the financial benefits.


At Lakelands Hospital we carried out all of the work from the roof down to the laying of block paving.
The steel framework was constructed from tubular steelwork and single skin sheeting fitted to galvanised steel purlins.


The works took little more than two weeks to complete. The surplus power generated by the panels helps to keep down the running costs of the hospice. Allowing Lakelands to offer higher standards of care for the patients.