Mace New Build Case Study

New build roofing and cladding

Phase 1 – Steelwork erection
Phase 2 – Liner and rail installation

Asgrid roof system

At Mace a new steel structure had been erected by others that required cladding and roofing. A built up or twinskin system was chosen to form the building envelope consisting of a profiled polyester coated steel liner sheets, approximately 280mm of insulation to the roof and 240mm to the walls  in line with current building regulations .Next we fitted a plastisol coated profiled sheet fixed to a bar and bracket cladding rail support system. GRP twinskin rooflights were also fitted. Finally the roof was finished with matching closure flashings.

Roof resheeting

Phase 3 – Insulation installation
Phase 4 – Topskin installation

Industrial roof Solar panel installation