Olympics IBC Case Study

After the Olympics finished in 2012 there were many buildings left in Stratford some of which were destined for a future with different uses. Once such building was the International Broadcast Centre formerly used by the worlds press to broadcast the latest news from the olympics to the world.
Due to all of the electronic equipment, lights etc in use within the building large air conditioning units were installed which now required removal from the cladding.
It was our responsibility to remove the ducting and make good the remaining penetrations which involved the replacement  of steelwork insulation and cladding in a way that restored the cladding to as close to its original condition as possible.
Due to the high profile location of the works health and safety were a priority.


The above photos show before and after picture of the works which resulted in a satisfactory air test upon completion as well as being fully weathered as per the original brief.


Click here to view a pdf showing each stage of the operation prior to works commencing which was originally presented to the client in order to communicate our method of works clearly.